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Marketing support


The Rolsen Electronics company follows an active marketing policy targeted to dealers and distributors support:

- The company together with regional representative offices organizes outstanding promo-actions (brings Russian pop-star for city day celebrations) to draw customers attention

- During the whole year lottery is provided to customers at points of sale

- Attention to promo-actions is usually drawn with help of radio and television. At promo-actions customers could not only buy products at reduced price, but receive prizes and presents with the company's logo provided by the head office

- For Brand promotion a unified company style is used. The head office provides commercials that could be broadcasted on regional radio and television. Billboards images and equipment for points of sale design (light boxes, slim lights, souvenirs and printed materials) are also provided

The company actively works with retail chains to increase the sales volume:
- Rolsen uses the leading technologies, such as merchandising, free training programs for sales assisters, provides special literature, conducts conferences and seminars
- To stimulate the increase of sales volume each dealer and distributor has it's own advertisement budget, that are used for joined promo-actions

In the course of Rolsen brand existence there has always been PR support, new relationships with leading mass media were established
- Articles about the company and new products, interviews with top-managers could be found at "Company", "Money", "DVD Alliance", "AudioVideo", "Consumer", "UPGRADE", "PC WEEK"magazines and "Vedomosty" newspaper