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DVD Players

Rolsen Electronics Company produced new model of dvd player – RDV-2009.
The Rolsen DVD player RDV-2014 has compact size but will amaze you with its functionality .
Rolsen Electronics Company presents a new DVD-player RDV-2015.
Enjoy the new features with Rolsen DVD player – RDV-2030!
Enjoy your favorite movies with the Rolsen DVD player RDV-2040 that features Dolby Digital and DTS decoders for a lush soundscape. Moreover, it has HDMI input delivering excellent picture and sound quality.
Rolsen DVD-player RDV-3020 will allow you to enjoy your DVD collection.
The Rolsen DVD player RDV-3030 will amaze you with its functionality.
Enjoy your DVD collection with Rolsen DVD-player RDV-4009.
DVD player RDV-4007 is the best way to injoy your favorite films in the comfort of your own living room.
TheRolsen DVD player RDV-4014 supports most of the popular formats
The modern and multifunctional DVD player Rolsen RDV-4012