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Steam out wrinkles quickly and easily with the 2200-watt Rolsen iron RN5280 Eva. Its scratch-resistant non-stick ceramic soleplate glides along smoothly, while its pointed tip works well for getting into pleats, between buttons, and along seams.
The Steam/dry iron Rolsen RN6944i Angel provides excellent quality ironing without much effort.
Rolsen RN5150 Amalia is the 2000-watt steam/dry iron with automatic shut-off. Some of the features are: Variable steam, burst of steam, vertical steam, and mist spray options; anti-drip, self cleaning.
Whether you iron your clothes by the batch in a marathon session or by the piece as you're heading out the door, the electric iron Rolsen RN4480C Elezabet can be your wardrobe's best friend.
The highlight of the iron Rolsen RN4220 Arabella is a unique combination of strength, style and compactness.
New iron RN4450 Olivia from Rolsen Electronics will please you with its ultra-modern design and quality of ironing.
Elegant, powerful, functional iron RN3250 Sabina is a reliable and an irreplaceable assistant of any housewife.
Compact, convenient, functional and trendy – in this new the iron RN-3270 Victoria from Rolsen can be described. The model is equipped with a self-cleaning function and the function of water spray.
Iron RN-6550 Gloria has a soleplate of stainless steel, which provides superior quality ironing of dense and delicate fabrics.
The soleplate of the model RN-1360 Selena is made of stainless steel, which heats up quickly, cools and provides easy sliding of the iron on various fabrics.
New iron RN1220 Benita from Rolsen Electronics is an effective means to care for clothing and linens.