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Thermo pot

The 4.2-liter Rolsen thermo pot RLT-4202 keeps hot water at your fingertips throughout the day - with no waiting. User friendly, simply add drinking water and unit automatically start to heat water to boiling point.
The Rolsen thermo pot RLT-3202 quickly brings water to a boil and keeps it piping hot for hours-so you can enjoy your tea, hot chocolate, coffee, hot cereal or soup at a moment’s notice.
Always have hot water ready at your fingertips with the Rolsen Thermo pot RLT-2601. The water boiler and both the warmer it has compact size and quickly boils up to 2.6 liters of hot water.
Serve hot beverages to a crowd or keep hot water available for everyday use with the Rolsen electric dispensing pot RLT-4038.
The Rolsen Thermo pot RLT-5005 can keeps water hot at different temperatures - that's great for a variety of uses.